My husband has been working as a fisherman on and off over the last couple weeks and the smell of fish has become a new staple here at our home… despite how my nose may feel about it.  As you can imagine fishing here in BC is something of a common thing, highly regulated and very at demand.  The delicious sockeye salmon that swim up the river have now become a small bit of the life blood of our family.  At least for right now.

So of course we are eating: Salmon.

These gorgeous cuts my husband made, he will get upset if I don’t comment on the cutting job he did here as it was his first time, in preparation for me to get my rub on.  I have been waiting for the perfect moment to try out this particular spice rub: “cook your own damn dinner!” has been teasing me and I was thrilled when hubby brought home this big salmon.
sockeye salmon recipes

1 whole fresh sockeye salmon
1 tbsp. of seasoning
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp. of butter

1) Prepare, wash and dry fish filets and place on a large sheet of tinfoil.
2) Sprinkle seasoning over fish and rub all over and into your amazing sockeye salmon.
3) Sprinkle with salt and add butter into centre of two filets.
4) Fold tinfoil around salmon into a pocket and place on baking sheet in pre-heated 300 degree oven.
5) Cook approx. 50min – until done.

I can tell you whole heartedly this recipe was a complete, tummy singing, success.  Such a great spice blend and it is just ideal for Salmon among a million other really great uses.  Everyone in our house was a huge fan between it being fresh out of the river and the spice blend it was no brainer that all my boys would gobble it up.


All my boys are very particular and pretty darn picky, getting them to eat fish at all is a total challenge and these boys had second and third helpings of this little fish.  Next time I will have to get them to help more with the fish prep (insert my boys screaming at mucus covered fish) yeah… not happening.

Check out LB Emporium’s site for info on where you can get your hands on their spices!  (I was not compensated in anyway for this post by LB Emporium).



  1. We do have the best sockeye don’t we? Yumm!

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