For years and years I have had Barbie’s in my house, I have loved them, cared for them, designed clothes for them and even given them a few terrible hair cuts in my day.  Barbie was even loved by my mother who still owned and cared for her one and only Barbie as a kid all the way up until her death – when I got it!  A super super old Barbie with a neck brace mother lovingly placed to try and keep her together.

Clearly mom didn’t have a 1973 surgeon Barbie to give her a hand.

Barbie, since 1959, has now officially had 150 amazing dream inspiring careers that have made little girls like me actually believe their mothers when they say:

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”  Barbie has never had a limitation set against her and she has always done exactly what she wanted!  Total freedom to dream.

Her 150th career being Entrepreneur Barbie was a total full circle moment for so many little girls out there, as well as the creator Ruth Handler.

70% of Canadian women entrepreneurs believed that anything was possible when they were a young girl.  Best part is 2/3 Canadian women entrepreneurs believe they are currently living out the dreams they had as a young girl!  You can see why I love this Barbie so much, it is literally now my office mascot, check her out:

Barbie has been inspiring little girls to reach for the stars and now Barbie is launching her Business Bursary!!  An awesome way to encourage the entrepreneur spirit in your little one!  Canadians are invited to nominate children, under the age of 18, who demonstrate true entrepreneurial spirit via a simple form.  The three winners will be announced October 17th, 2014 and they will receive $2500 towards their big idea!!

Barbie and me have been having a great time, I can’t wait to continue our little instagram adventures, thanks so much Mattel for sharing her with me!



  1. So cool! My girls are peeking over my shoulder and want her!! LOL
    I love the imagination that Barbie inspires in my girls.

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