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This year marks the first year I have ever requested and taken a set vacation time off work.  I was so excited to top it off, and then some amazing news hit us.  My sweet baboo landed a new amazing union job, suddenly my vacation time off wasn’t going to end up being HIS time off.  We originally planned on taking our annual camping trip this year, and still might since my vacation time lands during the August long weekend, may not happen.  Regardless I plan to make the most out of my vacation time whatever it ends up being, especially since I highly doubt we’ll be able to get a camp ground for the long weekend.  I mean everything in B.C. is on a first come first serve basis for summer, making August long weekend a VERY desired date.  Especially for working families.

But just because my hubby may or may not be able to get a full vacation like we had all originally planned I will still be taking my full time off.  I mean after all I have been working and I deserve a “break”.  As much of a break as I can get with two boys in the house.  I also plan to take the time to collect boxes, and start packing up our house for the big move!  We are so thrilled to have gotten a GREAT three bedroom even closer to my sons school, making dropping him off and picking him up each day a LOT easier for mum.  The move is NOT gonna be easy so a little break before hand will be much appreciated lol.  By Sept 1st we’ll be moved in and less condensed!

Anyways to kick off our “blogcation” here I would like thank all the guest posters that I have taken the time to do a little something for me, making this vacation just that much easier.  So expect some awesome posts from some really awesome bloggies of mine!  So let me finish this post off and start my vacation with some pictures of camping trips past!

Eldest @ 6-ish months on our first camping trip as a family


Weaver Lake B.C.


off the edge of our camp site, gorgeous!!


the hobbit trail in the woods, I loved the moss EVERYWHERE, looks almost untouched.


Eldest enjoying his camping snack, gosh he has grown sooooo much!

See you when I get back everyone!! oxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  1. Wow that is an AMAZING campsite! I’d love to be right up next to the woods like that!

    Thanks so much for the follow 🙂 Following you back as well. Have a great week!!

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