I was given a great chance recently to interview and AMAZING stylist, honestly she is soo cool I freaking love her!!  Her name is Fawn Cheng and I can’t wait for you to meet her…. 
What has been your favorite part about becoming a personal stylist to so many incredible and important people?? Can you share a favorite moment??
My favorite part about being a personal stylist is that I get to help my clients feel more beautiful, confident and fulfilled by guiding them in a direction that highlights their best attributes. Too often, because of the changing trends, people shop for what’s popular instead of what best fits their body. It is my job to highlight what is uniquely beautiful in each of my clients; empire or drop wastes don’t work on everyone, but I am there to give honest feedback and find their perfect fit, head to toe.
What is the best part about trying to dress someone “in their personality” so to speak?? Are there many challenges when it comes to your clients?
I don’t expect everyone to feel comfortable in everything I choose for them; however, based on their personality and what they feel most comfortable in, I can customize a wardrobe that meets their comfort level as well as elevate their style. Some clients don’t mind showing a little leg and others prefer not to; it is important to keep in mind that you can achieve a comfortable look without wearing sweats. The biggest challenge is helping my clients overcome insecurities and allow them to feel confident in their choices and style. 
What is your philosophy on beauty and how do you manage to show that through your work??
My philosophy on fashion and style stems from my absolute love for highlighting that which is wonderfully special about each client. There is no better feeling than finding and accentuating my client’s traits and seeing their reaction. I don’t pressure anyone to wear something they are not comfortable with; I do engage in an open and honest dialog to educate them about their body and how to put their best foot forward. 
What are some of the things you can bring to someone’s “table,” in the professional sense, as a personal stylist??
The way you portray yourself is crucial, especially in the professional world. When you convey a strong professional image, you also give employees and customers the confidence that they can rely on you, and your brand, for help in choosing the products that are right for them. When wanting to change your professional image, you have to first look at your personal image. What morals and values are you portraying to the outside world? 
If you were going to be born in any fashion era, which era would that be and why??
I would love to have been born in the late 50’s so I could be in my early twenties in the ’70s. The fashion and figure flattering styles of this era show how feminine and confident women can be. The good thing about fashion now, is that you can pull different looks and feels from each generation and blend them into a modern look with a twist.
freaking best outfit EVER!
Thanks again sooo much for giving me the chance to interview ya I really loved the chance to pick your brain a bit!  I think interviews are turning into one of my favorite things to do on this blog and I have lots more to come in the future!!

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