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Summer is already almost halfway through and I can barely believe it.  The invitations I have gotten from everyone for their end of summer BBQ’s is already overwhelming.

Though I bet not as overwhelming as it is for the party planners.  Something that I am going to be helping you with today.  A go to list on what you need to create a successful summer BBQ!  Starting with your theme.

For this particularly awesome BBQ I went with the theme “Tangerine” to help bring a focus to the extra special treat all of my guests were getting.  Molson67 Tangerine Twist beer , something that definitely needed to be made the center of attention.  I even have a great chicken recipe I will be sharing with you that will feature it as well, just a heads up!

Themes for your BBQ also make your life soo much easier in terms of planning out your decorations and overall setup.  No you don’t need to let your guests know about the theme – just pick one for your own sanity whether it is a color, print, or item.

Turning your BBQ into a potluck will help you, not only in the budget department but in the work department too.  Especially for one big massive gathering you really need some food help and that is the easiest and most fun way to do it.  Not to mention once you have them committed to bringing a specific dish, like buying tickets, yours guests are more obligated to come and your attendance numbers wont dwindle like mad the day of your BBQ.

Maybe that is just me, or it is a Vancouver thing but this is always a concern of mine and this is the best way, I find, to combat it.  I know silly, but a necessary thing to think about if this is a common occurrence.

Now when it comes to what you will need to provide food wise, since you are obviously taking my advice on the potluck, you yourself should choose something to make that is a side dish then one real meal item for each and every person.  Last thing you want at a potluck is just a ton of snacks and nothing substantial.  Of course always make sure you have lots of drink options!!

For my awesome Tangerine Twist party I chose to go with some awesome homemade Canadian Beef burgers with all the goodies you need to go with it… I cut up almost a jar of pickles I swear it!

Once you have all your food figured out, and everyone is bombarding you with questions and their food choices, you can move on to your entertainment factor.  Since my house is filled with kids we blasted the radio had orange hoola-hoops, Koob to play, bubbles, and of course lots of really amazing people to really create the best atmosphere.

Garbage and recycling stations are a must have for these events, if you decide to not go with these you will be stuck running around trying to clean up the whole night.  Having lots of clearly labelled stations will help make it completely mindless for your guests, try and spread them out so anywhere they are the stations are no more than ten steps from them.  It will help cut down so much on what you need to keep clean and will keep your party looking great the whole night.

The last things you need to ensure a great BBQ: lots of ice, a night hot BBQ and a ton of great friends!

Just some of my fun tips on how to spend some quality time with friends without having to do all the work and miss out on the party!

Have you tried the new Molson67 Tangerine Twist yet??



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