With summer being here and my in-laws owning a mister, we have been enjoying there yard a few times this year.  We love setting up a little pool, the sprinkler, getting the bubbles out and the kids have a great time.  Water play can keep all of them entertained for HOURS.  I thought that I would go threw some of the perks to being able to go down there and play with the kids all day, and they aren’t just perks for the kids either! 😉

The amazing mister, keeps mommy cool without getting mommy wet.

seeing grown men play with kids… providing mommy with eye candy and a good laugh

lets face it I like playing with bubbles too lol!

Sorry I am a little distracted….

seeing grown men use heart shaped bubble blowers… best picture EVER


I think this post just informed me that I have the attention span of a goldfish lol!  I am easily distracted by pretty things in all degrees and forms.  Especially my sweet baboo, mainly cause I think his hat hair is so cute!

What sorts of things do you love about water play with the kids?? 

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