I have no idea if you have been following or already constantly follow this girl but The Thirties Grind has started doing this AWESOME feature that I am lucky enough to be apart of.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I really love this woman’s blog and I constantly even reference it in conversations… sad but true.  Amazing how I will drop things like “I saw this thing on pinterest…” “I read on this great blog I follow….” “another vancouver blogger I read….” yadda yadda yadda am I the only one??

Off track sorry…

I am happy to say that tonight I will be going to a private little event, a wine tasting.  Now I don’t know much about wine, really nothing other than the ones that I do like…. then that one wine I fell in love with and can’t find for my life… it was red.. we had a glass… fell in love… it was magical and it had tones of black pepper in it oddly enough. 

Again off track….

I am hung over like all hell today and really slow not sure where I am trying to go with this other than to say I am going out to drink again tonight.  Busy weekend with a wedding yesterday and now this lol… I mean I need the morning to recover from the wedding after all!  Might make me sound a little young a wild but really i’m not doesn’t take much to give me a hangover… especially after drinking so many sweet things… damn my girly drink weakness!!!!

I hope that all of you are less hungover than myself right now, I hope that you check out the thirties grind and I really hope that you like my interview when it goes live!! I will of course make sure that you are all informed as to when it is up.  If you ever want to check out my publications you can head over to my about page and I have them listed and linked!!

~snippet below snagged from the thirties grind~

Legacy Liquor Store will be hosting a private wine tasting for the first few REAL Real Housewives of YVR profiled. Stay tuned for a post about this exciting evening. An elegant and modern 8,600 square foot space that includes a state-of-the-art wine cellar, Legacy is the largest privately-owned liquor store in the province. Home to thousands of beers, wines, and spirits, including exclusive and specialty items, with some of the most knowledgeable and friendly staff around. Legacy is the ideal venue for groups to host casual social gatherings. In-house catering is available with access to a beautiful kitchen and tasting bar area.

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