ShesConnected Conference 2012
So I have won tickets to ShesConnected Conference this year in Toronto thanks to the amazing!! I am so happy that, not only do I get to go, I get to treat a friend of mine to the conference as well!!!

But there are some hiccups here….

I now have to plan a trip to Toronto… with little to no money to spare….

I need to get a ticket there and back, about 600.00 give or take + accommodations… all of this WITHOUT credit. 

I am thrilled to go, no idea how I am going to manage to collect a grand worth of cash for October…. it is our most expensive month with my birthday, my sons birthday, I just have no idea how exactly we’ll be managing this.

In fact I am already thinking that I wont be able to go, not unless I get some outside help.  So today was a plea a plea for some sponsorship! 

In exchange for helping me out with a few traveling expenses I will be more than happy to pimp out your brand, hand out your business cards (almost like you were able to go too!!!), and rub shoulders with people FOR YOU, or maybe just get the attention of other great bloggers that will be at the conference!! 

If you are going to this incredible conference and you need a roommate PLEASE take me, I don’t want to stay in a hostel.. yes that is probably where I will be IF I can’t find some help here.  A private room in one of those is even 80/night lol, although I have found some BNB prices cheaper it all depends on the booking options.. you know since I have no credit card.

So please feel free to contact me @ if you are interested in helping me out on my big Toronto trip… did I mention that I have never traveled anywhere outside of B.C. in Canada?  I would LOVE the chance, especially if it doesn’t burden my family as much as it seems to be doing right now. 

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