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Just when you thought that my experience at Fan Expo couldn’t get any better here I am throwing even more at you!!  This time around it is all about fashion, from tuxedo sweatshirts to incredible leggings and steampunk knick-knacks you just couldn’t get enough.  Honestly there just wasn’t enough money in the world to walk out with all the amazing things that I wanted. Honestly I amazed myself with my amount of will power.  Just check out some of the things that I saw: fan expo vancouver clothing See what did I tell you?? Even something for our Walking Dead fan parents with newborns!! I mean what more could a pair of nerdy parents ask for, and dear LORD THE STORM TROOPER SHIRT!! I can’t tell you enough how hard it was not to shell out the dough for that Chewbacca sweatshirt for my youngest.  STUPENDOUSLY HARD! This year’s clothing merchandise was even better than last years, I thought the selection was amazing last year but this year it definitely doubled.  I was there for three solid days walking around the ENTIRE TIME and I just kept finding more and more things I hadn’t seen before.  It was honestly amazing.  Not to mention I met a vendor who is good friends with Norman Needus’s agent… Oh yes, yes I did! I think I might do a separate piece just on them because they are pretty amazing when it comes to loving zombies!  I have to reconnect with him again since the Expo though so I will keep all of you posted on that, but expect to see something about them pop up.  Maybe just in time for Halloween! On top of all that zombie stuff there was an incredible selection of BRONY shirts.  I can’t tell you enough how much I love these!! I wanted to get my kid one of each honestly, both my boys are batty for My Little Ponies and that is fantastic in my eyes.  I even had my sister design my eldest a shirt not too long ago.  I need to buy another one, a bigger one. Bottom line here, nerdy shirts are awesome and I think everyone should take the time to have some nerdy in their wardrobe.  I mean EVERY blogging mommy needs that “tweet me” shirt and I know all of you agree and are nodding your heads right now laughing cause I am completely right. Out of some of the stuff here what would you have walked away with? 20131105-100839.jpg


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  1. you know I left the Toronto FanExpo last summer with a “Property of Daryl Dixon” tank top! And some dog tags from Micheal Rooker’s booth. And a stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me. And a smurf. and a stuffie Daryl Dixon.
    Yeah – just shut up and take my money! LOL

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