Normally you know me as the blogger who doesn’t really do these sorts of things, BUT if you have been a long time reader you know that I only do things like this when they have some meaning for me.  Though Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me nowadays I do still find some joy in it.  Some years more than others of course, and I barely remember any from when I was a small child.  So when I got to the age of 19 and found myself pregnant and soon approaching Mother’s Day I started getting lots of attention.


If you can’t figure it out from that picture I thought people were going a bit nuts.

I mean I am not gonna lie here, I wasn’t about to go turn a down card, toss flowers to the ground or get upset at people I just thought it was a bit too much, too soon for my pregnant teen self.  I mean I was terrified and not exactly in the mood for singing kumbaya with the sisterhood of mothers.  Mom jeans were scary.  Most depressing thing is that was probably my most popular Mother’s Day.

Then my mother died and all things went down the tubes in terms of enjoying the day.  Then the moment I started enjoying it my kid joined lacrosse… lacrosse means may day tournaments.  Know what that means??…


Phew!  Sorry… it is just really annoying, but I need to get over it.  So in order to do that I wanted to do something that would help bring me out of my funk this year CAUSE (drum roll for this one folks!)

My husband will be out of town working, eldest again… has lacrosse and I am hoping to totally dodge that and just sit at home in the tub and read all the lovely memories each and every single one of you have. Or drool over your recipes and wished I had married one of you amazing cooks out there!! *snicker*

You like that smooth transition there?  I thought you might.  *insert laugh track*

What am I getting to you ask?? Well… a couple of my bloggy buddies have decided to casually throw together something fun we can all kinda enjoy and get all warm and fuzzy about, cry over, laugh over etc.  A Memories of Mother’s Day Linky since we love to share the love and apparently encourage a little long overdue kumbaya kinda nonsense up in here!



You knew that there was going to have to be some, but I promise we are totally keeping it tame.

1) You don’t have to stick to the theme of “memories of Mother’s Day” if you don’t want to, just as long as you have linked up Mother’s Day themed posts we are happy as clams!

2) Nothing that is controversial, I have no idea how you would manage that with this theme but just throwing that out there.

3) Though you don’t have to run around and comment on everyone’s post we would LOVE you so much if you would hope around to a couple that POP out to you.  If you love it share it, give some love.  NO PRESSURE!

4) HAVE FUN!!!



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