Happy Monday everyone!! I am happy to be bringing you guys this super awesome Man Candy Monday today mainly because it is totally and completely related to my recent long weekend absorbing all the awesome at Fan Expo Vancouver this year.

Obviously I had to take this opportunity to gush over a couple of my favorite male cosplayers from this year.  They really did make it hard and a couple were really pretty and I was WAY too shy to ask for a picture of them even with my media badge.  Honestly WOW there were a ton of hotties, but out of all my pictures I chose the following:


Which are not my favs because of hottness but are my favs because they made me smile the most.  I think that is the most important quality right??

We have Bumblebee and Optimus which were just AWESOME, I mean they speak for themselves really and now I need to find the bumblebee for my sweet baboo one year.

THEN we have Schmendrick the magician from The Last Unicorn, honestly one of my top 5 cosplay picks from the whole weekend.  He had the flowy coat with patches and everything I was so floored I can’t tell you how long I followed this guy for.  Best part is he would totally pull out the full character, not to mention he is basically the character brought to life, even his hair.. he was perfect.

Jesus… enough said… guy came to Fan Expo during Easter, he was even a day early!  *insert laugh track*

Emmett.  How could you not love Emmett?!  Every time I saw him walk by I would instantly get the song “Everything is awesome” stuck in my head.  Okay lets be honest here, it was stuck in my head literally the whole weekend.  Should be Fan Expo’s theme song because again, it is filled with sooo much AWESOME!!

*cough* forgive my nerdy outbursts.

Some more things I would like to see at Fan Expo:

more men in spandex, though there were a few Spidermen to choose from you can really never have enough spandex at a cosplay event.  I think men will agree with me on this though there is way less of a shortage of it when looking at the female cosplayers.

more awesome, you guys are amazing keep that up cause I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

less grumpy faces.  I don’t care if you are trying to be in character, it makes me less likely to ask for a photo… you’re intimidating red skulls!!

Can’t wait till next year and I can’t wait to keep sharing about all the amazing things I loved during Fan Expo this year!!


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