Holidays should be a time to relax but worrying over money can sometimes make them stressful. Particularly when you have the whole family in tow, a holiday can easily add up to a small fortune but there are simple steps you can take to reduce costs and retain smiles. Let’s take a look at a few now.

1. Booking Last Minute

If you’re flexible you can grab the best bargains by booking your holiday just days or even hours before you fly. Last minute holidays are terrific solutions for holidaymakers who want to save money on airfare, accommodation, food, and other travel-related matters. This really can be the most exciting way to travel. Just be sure to have a suitcase packed and ready to go before you get clicking!

2. Food

Eating out may be considered less extravagant whilst abroad but it’s no less expensive. If your accommodation has self-catering facilities, purchase food from a local supermarket and rustle up your own meals. If you’re concerned about missing out on traditional cuisine, try a cooking course the first evening and replicate those recipes. For a fraction of the price you can cook all your favorite dishes exactly the way your family wants them.

3. Travel

Where possible, walk! Position it as an orienteering adventure and even the kids will love it. Walking is truly the best way to enjoy the fresh outdoors whilst familiarizing yourself with a new place. If your destination is a little far, investigate public transport options instead but avoid peak hours and make the most of any group discounts on offer.

wallpaper-mac-happy-vacation-simpsons-simpson-cartoons-1039494. Entertainment

We’re often overwhelmed with choice on holiday so it’s worth doing your research beforehand to suss out which activities are worth investing in. Trip Advisor is a good place to start to find information and unbiased reviews posted by fellow travelers. You may discover that your holiday spot is covered by discount companies such as Groupon or the country’s equivalent. If so, purchase your vouchers beforehand and redeem them during your trip.

5. Currency Exchange

Regardless of who you bank with, it’s virtually impossible these days to use your credit card abroad without incurring additional charges. Therefore, it’s best to change your money before you travel and use cash whilst away. Shop around at various currency exchanges to compare rates and ensure you’re getting the best in market. If you’re concerned about carrying cash on your person, invest in travelers cheques instead.

So you see, budgeting doesn’t have to be boring. Follow these steps to keep everyone happy and find that holiday bliss you deserve!



  1. this is why we camp. It can be expensive if you make it that way, but since we love hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled cheese; it works for us. LOL
    How I’d love to take a real trip though.

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