Thursday_Thoughts_banner_001Valentine’s day has always been a kinda mixed thing. Now that I have kids though I see it as a lot more fun… clearly I have a thing for spreading the love. So each year I like to hunt around pinterest for the perfect idea for my kids Valentine’s, and this year I have to say has totally been my favorite.

I wanted to do something that was fun for both parents and kids, something that was really funny. That is how I want to be seen as the fun family that spreads love as much as possible as well as some good laughs. I don’t see these people constantly by no means so I can pretend to be Martha Stewart during these presented opportunities. I think it is fun. I might go a little far though as I look

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at it like a competition.

Not joking. I found myself this year taking my kids haul and dumping it to see what other parents did for their kids Valentine’s.

You know what I saw???

All store bought cards.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING (and I totally mean this cause one year I will not do the homemade thing, trust me the year will come) wrong with the store bought ones. BUT I was the only one who put some personal work into them and I found myself selfishly relishing that fact. Not that I had to put much effort at all in. All I did was find them, print them (which my MIL did not even me), and cut each and every single annoying one out by hand, then signed them all cause my kid was throwing fits refusing to write his name on any of them. I didn’t create some elaborate thing, and I certainly didn’t come up with the idea myself, but for some reason I found myself feeling a little smug and accomplished.

Is that horrible??? Has my crafting gone too far?!?! Am I THAT parent now?!?! Or is this just a fun way for me to feel validation for having to cut out all those stupid mustaches?!

vday2014_001I don’t know… you guys will have to tell me. What did you do for your kids Valentines??

I got this marvelous idea from HERE clearly a fun lady cause she made these and that is awesome. And they were a SUPER big hit in my house when my kid bothered to take a look at them. You guessed it folks: around the time that I brought out the lollipops for them, suddenly I was the most interesting person in the world. Kids, am I right?

vday2014_002So I hope that I didn’t make all of you hate me for relishing the fact that I was the only one that made no effort Valentine’s this year. And I am totally okay if you got store bought ones this year… just know that the parents who helped hand make their kids will all be secretly judging you.

[Insert laugh track]

Isn’t that the silliest thing ever??



  1. Totally agree. Jorden and I made cards. He sighed them himself. And we made goody bags with treats abs stickers inside. 21 in total. He got like 10 back. Just generic cards signed by parents.

  2. I don’t know if your crafting has gone too far or not, but those are REALLY REALLY cute. Wanna make my kids’ next year? 🙂

  3. I think they are really cute and fun!! And if you have time as parent to do that in a home-made way: then go all out!! But if you don’t have time (me, having 3 kids in school and thus about 60!!! cards to do.), then you should not feel bad about it all.
    As of Grade One – my kids absolutely do have to sign the cards on their own, but I help the JrK.
    I bought store ones for school, but we made home made ones for the other people in our lives that we wanted to shower with some love. I thought that was a good way to do it this year.

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