Well today is the Great Big BOOOOOO and my family will be hitting up the show today and they’ll be having a blast! If you haven’t checked out the great big boo I think you should, granted there are tickets left and what not. I think, don’t quote me on this and I don’t have time to double check here, there is another show tomorrow here at the PNE.

I love taking the kids to shows they’re little eyes light up I will be sad to be missing this one but SOOO happy that they boys will be having too much fun to notice I am gone?? After all I have to plan their staycation while I am gone right and this is sooo apart of that!

Hope you’re having a great time while I am gone take TONS of photos aunty chey chey!!!

* * *
on another note I have only two days left here in Toronto, I am anxious to return to you all, to read all your comments and to just “hang-out” online with you again!
I can’t believe I will be right back to work as soon as I come home, lets hope that I get a good nights

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sleep before I am slammed in the face by Monday!

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