Well this day from my Toronto trip was both a TON of fun and a sad one, as it was that evening that I would be heading home… back to the family, kids, work and my sweet baboo.  We both decided an amazing breakfast was in store and we headed to Fran’s for something DELISH, and boy was it!

After eating my amazing breakfast of cream cheese, capers and smoked salmon with FRESH squeezed orange juice which was a lovely way to jump-start any day!  But this day we wanted to end on a super fun note and decided to head out to the Distillery District for some shopping, lovely sunshine, great photos AND ice cream!!!!

Here are our pictures:

our backs to the wind = a great photo of us!

I think that over all we had a great last day together and the weather was so lovely nothing could beat it!  We were giggling, shopping, falling in love with fur that was violently over priced and eating!

MMMmm blueberry basil ice cream and Mango soooo soo sooo good!!
a random photographer even took our photos!!
map of the district

Once we were done we decided to walk back to where we came from and wait for our cab to the airport and these are some of the things we walked by on this lovely lovely day!

st. Lawrence market


cool building that reminded me of the one in Gastown, just nicer….

I had such a great time in Toronto from beginning to end even if being away from my family was really hard.  As much as I loved the break I missed them at every moment of each day and even more so each night.  I would do it again in a heart beat though and I think I am totally addicted to traveling…. now if only it was cheaper…

Where have you traveled, how much did you spend, what was your cheapest vacation??

What has been the strangest ice cream you’

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