Just after Christmas my family and I got another extra little gift for our boys sent to us from a cool company with a really fun idea!  Not to mention they also sent their package with soo much bubble wrap that was amazing in itself not gonna lie.  I am not sure if I was more excited about that or the boys where but I am sure it really doesn’t matter.

Now upon opening this package we discovered quite the little project and a ton of really cool “light bombs”, as my sons called them.  Dumping everything all over our kitchen table and after browsing the really great instruction book and the boys were off to make the biggest ball they could!

Lightuplinks_post_001After a little while sweet baboo and the boys had managed to build, without getting frustrated either might I add, their big ball and it was quickly thrown, kicked and rolled around our house over and over again.  The boys have been having a GREAT time with them.  In fact so much so they have lost almost all the pieces and broken some of the “light bombs” by loving them to death!  We have already ordered a ton more though so never fear people!  Just check out all the amazing stuff that you can make with them.  Granted these are for older kids I wouldn’t have these out and about near younger kids at all.

Great for either boys or girls it was a really welcome addition to our Christmas goodies this year and I know the boys are going to LOVE having more than enough for each of them to build more than a few things each.  What can I say when they really like something I love to see them smiling, happy and learning to build and play together in a cooperative way.  Not going to lie that is a hard thing to find.

Thanks so much Light Up Links for giving us a chance to get completely addicted to your product, they have been a great time and the kids just LOVE them!!



Disclosure: I was given this product in exchange for this post.  My means of compensation don’t change my views on this product. 


  1. my kids would go nuts for these! nuts!
    And hubby needs the bubble wrap to insulate our windows, so Win Win! 🙂

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