I was recently given an incredible chance to interview someone that has really opened my eyes. I can’t even begin to express it to you so I am just going to jump right into the amazing interview! I hope all of you find her as amazing as I do, I am so happy the universe brought her into my life!

1. How has your journey with creativity influenced your parenting??
Great question! Parenting and creativity are so closely related that I am hard-pressed to say which actually influences the other more. In fact, I consider becoming a mother as one of my greatest creative catalysts; after the birth of my daughter 5 ½ years ago I was confronted by many questions. Ultimately, the one that started me on this creative joyride was, “Who am I?” It was after some major gold mining that I realized that at my very core, I am a creative being.
On the flip side, any parent will tell you that raising kids requires you to tap into every cell in your body that is able to: problem-solve, think outside the box, negotiate, multi-task and everything else under the “creative” umbrella.
My journey with creativity has allowed me to be a happier person, ergo a happier parent.

2. What three ideals do you wish to pass on to your kids to encourage them to pursue their dreams??

I hope that I am showing them how important it is to follow their hearts and always believe that dreams can become reality – that in fact, dreams are the first step in creating reality. I guess that’s the first ideal, really, because when someone stops listening to their heart-whispers then the game’s half over. Secondly, I want them to trust that everything that happens to them, happens for their greatest good – so that even if they think they have failed in some way, they haven’t. They’ve really just been given a tool. Maybe the tool they were handed is a sign showing them a new direction, maybe it’s gained strength or wisdom to persevere. And the third ideal I hope to pass on to them is that if they aren’t happy with their lives, the only person they need to look to to make changes is themselves. We can’t hold other people responsible for the way we feel or the path that we’ve chosen. So if they catch themselves blaming other people for not “allowing” them to follow their dreams, they need to stop that nonsense!

3. What inspired you to want to help others with their creative journeys??
Well, I figured if there were other people out there who felt as blocked as I did a few short years ago, it was well worth my effort to share the tools I’ve picked up along the way. And more importantly, it’s a passion of mine to help others remember the tools they possess themselves – because we all have all the wisdom we need to live fully and creatively. But it can be pretty easy to lose sight of it when we feel burdened by other things. I don’t think we need to live that way. I tried it. It didn’t work for me! And if someone is waking up every morning feeling nonchalant or indifferent about the day ahead of them…well, I hope I can do something to remind them of how awesome life truly is and how they can be a huge part of making it so.

4. If you had a room of mothers and only 7 minutes to talk, what would you say to encourage them to “get creative”??
Think to the not-so-distant future when your kids have children of their own and they look back on you. What are they going to remember about you, as a mother and just as importantly, as a person. What?! You haven’t told your kids you’re actually a PERSON inside? Ok, that’s the first thing they need to know. Why? So that when they become moms and dads, they know that it’s ok – no, essential – to be true to who they are in addition to being parents. How devastated would YOU feel if you witnessed your own children bury all the wonderful, unique qualities that you love about them under the guise that being a parent means disregarding their identities? Nobody wants YOU to do that either! You already know that I’m not saying ‘ignore your children and only do what interests you’, so I’m not even going to speak to that. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing yourself outside of motherhood.
Do you like poetry? Excellent! Me, too J So, go to a poetry reading and tell your kids that’s where you’re going – tell them what poems are, why people write them, what YOU like about them. Share your own poems with them. And when they’re old enough, take them with you to a reading! Maybe they’ll like poetry, too or maybe not. But in the end, you’ve a.) taught them you’re a really cool person with an interest in something other than them! b.) exposed them to something that may end up being something they embrace c.) planted the seed that will sprout for them as parents that they can love themselves enough to honor their own passions.
So, beg, borrow or steal the time to do it. And remember that getting creative doesn’t just mean picking up a paintbrush or writing poetry. Getting creative just means exploring an idea outside the box. Do you feel passionate about helping people who live on the streets? Start a clothing drive and donate what you collect to a local shelter. Get your kids involved in an age-appropriate manner. You’re fueling more than just creativity by exploring these parts of you, and creating a beautiful legacy for your children.

5. What have you enjoyed most from your experiences and why??
Giving myself permission to embark on my own creative journey led to a dream-come-true career change. It’s like

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a spark was lit within me that was fanned to a flame and now my whole family gets to experience the glow. I love that I have more meaningful interactions with my children; it’s easier for me to see things through their eyes. I love including them in what I do as well as feel blessed that I can be a huge part of their day. It has liberated me from a feeling of being trapped and stuck. That’s been huge for me and my relationships, particularly with my husband and children.

6. Can you tell us a little about your awesome workbook and what people can gain from it??
I would love to! In July 2011, I started my blog, Let ME Out!! Releasing Your CreativeSelf, knowing I wanted to help others remember their passions and incorporate fun into their lives. I decided to run a weekly series in which I encouraged readers to try different tasks: some geared toward spiritual awakening, some focusing on letting go of perfection and having fun while others supported issues like time management and childcare. Simultaneously, I planted the seed with the Universe that I would like to create a workbook that would open up people’s creative channels and give them permission to be who they truly are. Eventually, these two ideas married each other and by May 2012 I created Tuesday Tasks: 52 Activities Designed foran Entire Year of Creativity. Some of the tasks from my blog series are included; however, many of them are exclusive to the book. Initially it was an e-book only but I wanted to offer readers a space where they could record their responses – writing is such a revealing exercise! Now they are available in a portable, print edition!
Those who have tried the exercises have been able to: add more fun to their lives, see issues in a different light, feel encouraged to try something new, and have a better sense of new directions they may want to take.
At the time of publication, my daughter was a preschooler and my son was just a toddler. These tasks were the inspiration for my own creative release and resulted in my pride and joy, my Make-A-Wave cards. They are, essentially, quotes on painted backgrounds with instructions on the back. The idea is that you hold on to the card for as long as you want – keeping it somewhere you can see for a boost of inspiration throughout your day. Then you pass the card on, either to someone you know OR you leave it somewhere for a stranger to find! Maybe on a restaurant table? In a gym locker? In the pages of a library book? Or you could even hand it to someone directly – perhaps the bus driver or bank teller. Whoever is meant to find or receive the quote, will. And then by following the instructions on the back of the card, they will pass it on as well.
These cards have reached different parts of Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Imagine what YOU can do when you make time to tap into your creativity!

Taslim is the voice behind the blog, Let ME Out!! Releasing Your Creative Self, co-author of inspirational anthology Heartmind Wisdomand creator of Make-A-Wave Cards. She is happiest at home, wearing wool socks and comfy sweats with her husband and two children, writing and fundraising for the literary arts. But don’t be surprised to find her on stage, too, spreading life-gained wisdom and joy.

Connect with Taslim on facebookand follow her on twitter @taslimjaffer to be inspired on the daily!
And after that you must all just be itching to get your hands on her book, and I don’t blame you I have been working on it and LOVING every moment! Anyways this wonderful woman is not only giving you a chance to win a copy RIGHT HERE on my blog but she is also offering a deal!! If you purchase her book you can get 3 Make-A-Wave cards completely FREE through the month of February!

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  1. I loved this!! Great ideas and I love the make a wave card idea-super awesome! I’m entering the drawing now 🙂

  2. Oh, and 6 and God inspires me to get out of bed each morning. I LOOOOOOOVE my morning prayer times. I’m really a night owl, but I have to admit I love how peaceful it is in my house at 5:30 am when I get up for work, just quiet, still, and my babies and husband sleeping soundly, so peaceful. I love it!

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