So a long while back I announced my first celebrity interview thanks to the awesome app Yowza I was given the chance to interview the awesome Greg Grunberg from Hereos!!  I know, I know.  Anyways as bloggers we often know how life can really get in the way of work so I have only finally just go the answers back and I was itching to share them with you soooo much that I am putting it up right away! 

So without further adieu I bring to you, the long awaited, INTERVIEW!!!!!

1. How did the idea of Yowza come to pass?

My wife and I who are not huge coupon users but we try to be a smart as we can with our money, we were shopping with our three kids and we forgot our coupons at home and I just thought there’s got to me an easier way to do this. A greener way. A more modern way. I then came up with the idea for the app and millions of people are using it. I’m pretty proud of it. 
2.  As a parent what is your favorite part of your own App?  [is it the fact that coupon clipping is almost a thing of the past?  the fact that the “George Costanza” wallet is, hopefully, no more?]

That’s funny. I’m actually pretty proud of the fact that I took advantage of meeting a guy on Twitter of all places named Rick Yaeger who introduced me to August Tometer, who’s is a brilliant programmer, and together the three of us started Yowza.  This coupon app that so many people are using. It’s a very interesting time when someone like me or anybody for that matter can come up with an idea that helps so many people. It’s really cool when people come up to me and thank me for the app telling me how much money they saved. Over the last couple years people have literally saved millions of dollars Shopping with Yowza.  And it’s a free app so I don’t know why everybody in the world doesn’t have it on the phone.  
3. I am sure Yowza will become a household name, especially for my hubby who hates carrying coupons on him, what will happen after it’s success, what are its future endeavors?
The future of Yowza is pretty huge when I dream about it. Right now we are expanding in some pretty amazing directions and partnering with some incredible companies to get more and more businesses using Yowza as well as getting millions more people to download and use the app. I’m really excited about the new celebrities that have come on board as partners in the company like Melissa Joan Hart and Bob Guiney (The Bachelor), As well as a few others that are in the process of investing in the company. We also have some huge news as we branch out in new directions. And we got interest from all over the world to take Yowza international. So we have a long way to go but Yowza is really kicking ass and saving people a lot of money.
 4. Is there anything about Yowza you would want to change personally? 
Actually I wouldn’t change a thing – there are times when I wish we could be moving faster and expand quicker but we’ve always taken the position that we want to make sure that every single coupon and every offer on Yowza is something that our users will love and use time and time again. If you open up an app like Yowza and there aren’t great offers inside you’ll never turn to it again so were constantly trying to weed out the offers that don’t mean that much and always keep content in there that Can really help families and moms save money on a daily basis. 

5. I know working in charity must be very rewarding, but what do you find some of its greatest challenges? 
I try to make charity a part of everything that I do. That’s why I created the BandFromTV, my celebrity band about seven years ago and which has generated millions of dollars for various charities including my own But creating revenue streams for these charities is something that I’m always thinking about. For example proceeds from the business that Yowza generates will always support the epilepsy community and my foundation 
6. What has being active in charity done for you and your family? 
For us personally it’s a gift to be able to do something proactive when it comes to epilepsy. Our oldest son started having seizures when he was seven and thankfully due to great medicines and great doctors care he’s doing terrific and he’s a normal 16-year-old kid. We learned early on that there needed to be a voice in the epilepsy community and that there is such a terrible stigma attached epilepsy that needs to go away for this cause that affects 5 million people in our country alone to get the attention it so desperately needs. With a long way to go but we’re getting there. 

7.  Like yourself I am a HUGE fan of Hugh Laurie since Black Adder to the Christmas special my kids love (he plays a teddy bear lost in the snow) is he as hilarious as he seems? (completely selfish question here)
Hugh is one of the kindest, most generous, most brilliant, most inspirational people I know. He is given so much time and so much of his heart to our band and I’m so proud to call him my friend. He’s a really special guy.
8.  Of all the projects you have done what would be your, other than heroes, favorite? 
I have to say any time that I get to work with my best friend JJ Abrams I always consider that my favorite project. He’s my buddy and people normally don’t get to work with their buddy so that’s always special. 
9.  Since I HAVE to ask this question… out of all the super powers you could choose from, which would you choose?  Or would you have stuck to the same super power as your character Matt??
There is no question that my power, the power of mind reading was the best on the show. It’s just the most interesting for an actor to play knowing what other people are thinking and having to react off that so I wouldn’t change a thing there. Maybe I would’ve loved to fly around with a big C on my chest and the be able to eat all the carbs that I want without gaining weight. That would be a cool superpower.

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