This past Friday was Parent Bloggers Unite‘s big event!  I was nervous from the beginning but everyone worked out amazing.  All the bloggers seemed super pleased, the goodies were amazing and the prizes fantastic!  Our twitter feed was exploding all night long, our hashtag #PBUYVR clearly impossible to miss with the flurry of activity and our sponsors I hope were all impressed.  Things are still being pumped out on the daily and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

We had a great bunch show up and had an awesome amount of sponsors pull through!

          cutie pie wax bar

The list was NUTS and they were all so warmly welcomed, everyone was dying to get their hands on ALL our prizes and everyone walked away from the event with a bag filled with awesome freebies!  We had some amazing learning opportunities as well to really add to the night!

I spoke about making and maintaining brand and PR relationships, Rebecca touched on media kits and pitch writing and we had an interesting panel with Cynnamon, Kerry and lead by the sparkly Raj all on the theme of blogger PR etiquette.

Check out some of the pictures!!

It was a complete hit you can tell, I can’t wait to start planning the one in October.  Please feel free to e-mail me for all inquiries on how you can get involved!


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