Welcome to Mumfection mom of the week where I feature an incredible mom for all of you to get to know! I am so excited to be doing this and the best part is it will be a weekly feature, so if you want to get in on it feel free to e-mail me @ eschelle_w@hotmail.com! I will be more than happy to feature you!!

momoftheweek_banner_005Today is my birthday, I am officially 26 years old.  So in light of this, the anniversary of my awesome birth, I thought it would be fitting if I filled out this mom of the week questionnaire and let all of you get to know me even better!  I kept all my answers short and sweet for your benefit, I know it is early/late for you.

1. Give us a play by play of a regular day at your house…

On any regular weekday I get up, drink too much coffee, check emails, get eldest ready for school, drop off, come home, work, pick up, work, and all in between that feeding youngest and cleaning the house… then trying to remember to feed myself of course.  Though that usually doesn’t happen till dinner time.

2. How has being a mother changed your view of life?

I think it has changed me in every way for the better.  I love my kids, I love being a mum (even when I am at my wits end), I wouldn’t change any moment of it.

3. What has been, in your eyes, the biggest reward of motherhood?

Learning just how much you can love something and feeling that much love.  It is all very gushy and mushy but it is completely true.  Not to mention my kids themselves they were a pretty awesome little reward from this whole motherhood thing.

4. What has been, in your eyes, the hardest struggle of motherhood?

Time and money I think.  Never enough of it am I right??  The other struggles I don’t really see as struggles I take a “Happy Feet” perspective: “they aren’t struggles, they’re challenges!!”.

5. In what ways are your children exactly like you?

Oh goodness, soo many ways.  Stubborn.  Creative.  Empathetic.  Loving.  Wild.  Goofy.  I also like to think they are as handsome and cute as they are thanks to me, I am sure daddy would debate me on that though!

6. In no more than a couple sentences give us a description of how you felt throughout your pregnancy/ies…

Awful.  I hate being pregnant and I hated giving birth.  I had long labors but no real issues.  I didn’t tear (even when eldest’s shoulders got stuck….), no hemorrhoids and I was super lucky with getting out of pregnancy with no swollen ankles and no spider veins.

7. How to do you measure a parents success in this world? Do you think you measure up to your own expectations?

I think in smiles and laughter.  Success as a parent should be measured in love and content-ness, you can have nothing to your name and be more successful than the wealthiest family in my opinion.  It is all about perspective.


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8. What are some of the lessons you have learned from your own parents about parenting?

Ummm… my mother always told me: “if nothing else I have taught you what NOT to do.”  Does that say enough?

9. What do you love about who you are as a woman and as a mother?

I love everything, I love that I get up each morning to face the day, I love that most days I go to bed with a huge smile on my face and I am happy to be lucky enough to be in my sweet baboo and my boys lives.  I need to remind myself of this a little more.

10. How do you battle “parent guilt” on a daily basis? What advice would you give to others?

Me??  I connect with other moms.  I talk to my girlfriends and I try to laugh.   If you can’t laugh.. right?

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! sorry, a day late – but it was my daughter’s 4th birthday too, so I was very busy yesterday. Wonderful getting to know more about the name behind the blog! And you are sooo right….laughter. It can get you through so much.

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