Thursday_Thoughts_banner_001Well this whole week has been filled with tons and tons of prepping.  What for  you ask?  Well it is simple, this weekend his my birthday party and next week is my sons.  You can understand that I have lots of stuff on my plate, and that isn’t even touching on the work I have been in need of doing.  You know that same woke that is piling up as I sit here with you.

Stress.  Lots of stress.  I think that is the main requirement of parenting.  The ability to multitask and succeed despite feeling all the stress of the universe.

I know all of us have stress, and all of us deal with our stress in many many different ways.  This is why I am a huge advocate for ensuring you get out of the house and enjoy some “me time” as a mom once in a while.  You really need to take that time to completely unwind, maybe even unplug for a minute if you are brave and really connect with yourself again.  In doing that you connect with that supermom self you have created and BAM the world is your oyster again.

What are some things that I like to do??
I am a massive lover of movies so unwinding with a great flick is always a great and easy go to for me.

My hubby and I LOVE old radio shows, every Sunday we listen to them on the radio, but these days thanks to the internet we do this WAY more often.  We are also big fans of getting an audio book or two and listening away an evening.  Helps that both of us are fantasy/sci-fi nerds, you can imagine we stick to that genre – and “dystopia’s”.

Going out with the girls.  This one is simple whether it is at a stressful blogging event, just meeting up out of the blue or whatever it may be – this is important.  Again you are trying to connect with yourself for a moment… way easier when you are joking around with your girlfriends rather than talking to toddlers.

Hey if you are lucky throw in time for a vacation, I would do it all the time if I could that is for sure!!

What do you do to de-stress, cope and get to know yourself again??


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