It is almost here, I can taste the nerd on the lips and I am finding it hard to sleep most nights.  I am just thrilled to be going to the Vancouver Fan Expo this year, and with a media pass too!!!  I am one lucky, lucky girl that’s for sure. 

And you know what?…

You should be to!  Same with your kids cause there is a TON of stuff to do there.  This isn’t just all for us nerds you know, all kids love Star Wars and each day there is a whole “Star Wars Hour” that they can look forward to.  Paired with that is the photo session with 501st Legion which will be epic in photos believe you me!  Did I mention that David Prowse will be there, literally Darth Vadar.  Perfect place to be with your little Sith master. 

If you love Vancouver then you clearly have gotten into and have started to love the show Continuum.  Well… guess what??

The entire cast will be there.  That’s right… you heard me.  That will be fantastic, I am just super stoked and the lady from it was also in G.I. Joe if you didn’t notice.  Alongside Channing Tatum

Sadly Norman Reedus and Tom Felton have cancelled.  Breaking my heart… BUT both men who played Norman’s brothers will be there.  Micheal Rooker and Sean Patrick Flaterly

I am just itching to go, I think I have some awesome reasons to be completely anxious about this whole thing.  I have butterflies in my stomach to the max and I want to make sure that I am doing an awesome job. 

The Saturday night will be extra epic as the after party will be going on and my hubby and I have every hope of going.  Especially since every dime goes to the children’s charity AND he has never been in a club AND it looks freaking awesome!  Definitely a recipe for some full frontal nerdity!! 


This will be just fantastic I know it will.  When looking at some of the attractions what would you be most excited about??

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  1. My husband is in Vancouver right now!!! He went to visit his brother for his birthday, and is going to stop by the FanExpo.
    Because I thought Reedus would be there. Yep, my hubby was going to go get a pic with one of my faves ManCandy men!! LOL

    anyway, I told him Rooker and Flannery were not bad replacements at all. hopefully he gets a pic or something.

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