Canyon of Lights

This holiday season has already proven to be way better than last year. With so many amazing events coming back after our COVID break we are so busy and so excited to be sharing all of them with you. Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge has definitely been missed more than most.

I have been going to Canyon Lights since I was young, I even had my prom winter formal dinner at the Bridge House next door. It has been a big part of my life, a big part of my kids lives and one of our favorite holiday traditions.

@mumfection checking out the #CanyonofLights at Capilano Suspension Bridge here in #Vancouver #yvr #christmas #holidaylights ♬ Pop and bright Christmas songs – G-axis sound music

Being in one of the older growth forests close to the city it is a marvel to look at. The perfect time to go of course is hugging sunset and into the evening when the lights get turned on for all to enjoy. Each display more amazing than the last you wont be able to help yourself from ooing and aweing throughout your visit. This year they even have the Capilano River all a glow for you to see from above!

Of course there is more than just lights to enjoy, you have the thrilling suspension bridge itself and beautiful pond side walk, the treetop adventure (our favorite) and a beautiful cliff walk. Not to mention the restaurant, gift shop and other kiosks you can check out for a nibble! If you are lucky enough you can even catch some live entertainment and of course take the time to make a donation to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund during your visit!

Canyon of Lights
Photo by Capilano Suspension Bridge

During your visit you will hear a variety of holiday tunes to help you get into the mood and you might even catch some live performers. Always stop in to grab some fudge before you go and browse their great gift shop. They even have a store wide discount for season pass members to take advantage of, you can snag that Herschel bag for a steal of a deal!

Canyon Lights runs until January 23rd and is open until 9pm each evening. Plan ahead and get your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Vaccine passports are not required to enter the park, but must be present to enjoy their indoor dining experience and masks are required in most shared spaces in the park.

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