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Producing a meal for the family on a daily basis can be a tiresome task, especially if you’re sick of cooking and eating the same type of food all of the time. It’s hardly like the kids are going to take over the cooking duties either, is it? Cooking can therefore become a draining chore which can result in a lack of creativity. In order to unleash their creative side and give moaning children a more varied diet, Mum’s are turning to a selection of recipe apps in 2021. 

Some recipe apps provide access to thousands of stunning dishes from around the world, while others might help you come up with a weekly meal plan more easily. The recipe apps on offer can be downloaded on a smartphone device, too, making cooking at home easy thanks to the tap of a few buttons. The same smartphone devices that house Netflix shows and handle games like Age Of The Gods Fate Sisters are now inspiring mum’s in the kitchen with heaps of beneficial information. Many of the products on offer come with videos and images, which, in turn, provides users with far more detail than any cookbook would. Some apps boast a community of users who can exchange messages and advice on cooking certain foods, too. The options are extensive. 

With recipe apps being downloaded regularly, here is a look at some of the best options for you and your smartphone device. 


Developed by the people over at Conde Nast, the Epicurious app is a digital food resource with a huge selection of gorgeous recipes to tuck into. With more than 35,000 dishes from famous publishers such as Gourmet and HarperCollins, the app is a great option. Content is added to it every day, too, leaving users not short on ideas. Epicurious also features video content, keeps users posted on the latest and greatest food trends, and even features a “Recipe Box” tool that allows you to save your favourite recipes. Additional tools such as its shopping list feature and seasonal ingredients section are also excellent. 

BBC Good Food

Offering high-quality food from a wealth of industry professionals, the BBC Good Food app is one of Britain’s finest exports. The app is extremely well designed and easy to use, it features a wealth of high-quality recipes from famous faces such as Gordon Ramsay and Mary Berry, and the range of different cuisine on there is highly impressive. Users of the app can also make use of its recipe folder and its “Cook Mode” feature, which helps keep the screen on while you’re chopping away and getting your hands dirty. 


Kitchen Stories 

Another go-to option for many mum’s at the moment, the Kitchen Stories app comes with thousands of recipes in both text format but also in the form of HD instructional videos. There are great tips and articles around baking, too, in what is a smartphone app with a vibrant community behind it. So much so, in fact, that you can even share recipes with fellow users. On top of this, users can also access clear and useful step-by-step recipes and use tools to generate a shopping list. 

SideChef Recipes

Offering unique content in a refreshing layout, the SideChef Recipes app boasts a fantastic selection of curated recipe collections and meal plans. With over 18,000 step-by-step recipes, the ability to filter depending on diet and allergies, and the option of searching by ingredients, it’s a superb app for coming up with dishes for you and the family. 

Other impressive recipe apps are Paprika, Food Network Kitchen, and Tasty. 

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