We love to go on adventures as a family and explore this city, being a car free house you would think that might be challenging. Thankfully TransLink has always been there to help our family get from A to B and enjoy what this city has to offer. With their added safety measures, you can feel confident that you and your family will be safe. 

Recently we got the opportunity to go on a whale watching adventure all the way out in Steveston Richmond. We were thrilled to hop on the bus and SkyTrain to make our way from Burnaby to Richmond on a nice Sunday morning. Even with Sunday scheduling it was super easy to get out there and was even faster than we thought it would be! The best part of course being the brilliant city views along our SkyTrain rides. Having never been out to Steveston before, we were excited to check things out and enjoy our day of family firsts together! 

TransLink and Destination Vancouver were so kind to gift us the excursion through Vancouver Whale Watching. But guess what? They are making it even easier for all families to book one of these adventures for yourselves; head over to this LINK and don’t forget to enter promo code “LOVETRANSIT” for 25% off on Viator!

Arriving in Steveston early we got the chance to walk around and check out a few shops, grab a coffee and take a stroll down the docks at Fisherman’s Wharf. With coffee in hand we took a look at all the fresh seafood available straight off the boats. From salmon to squid they had it all and both youngest and I were crossing our fingers that some would be left for us once we were finished whale watching. 

Getting to Vancouver Whale Watching was super easy as it is right by the entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf. We got our vaccine passports checked, collected our boarding pass and headed down to the boat and got ready for one of the most memorable days we have ever had as a family. They got all of us onto the boat, everyone was still wearing their masks unless they were snacking or drinking and we headed off on the water. 

During our trip our guides taught us so much about the local Humpback whale population, telling us how the first humpback whale to be seen in Vancouver since the 1900s was in 1997! I was only 10 when the humpbacks came back to our coast and now, they are thriving giving me a little hope for our ocean friends. That was the moment when we finally spotted them, our first pod of three whales and they were amazing. We got to see them blowing, their tails and even one of them poop. Who knew that was going to be amazing? I did not but my boys LOVED that fun fact. You see the tail was followed by a kind of pink cloud, that pink cloud was a whale poop! 

After seeing 5 humpback whales in total, seals, stellar sea lions and California sea lions we headed back to land. Once your tour is completed, they actually mark a map with your route, the name of the whales spotted and information on how you can report in your whale tail photos for research purposes! It was not only a super fun day, it was super educational and is something that our family will never forget. 

We ended our amazing day in Steveston with a bite to eat at the Blue Canoe, grabbed some prawns from a wonderful fisher-lady and headed back home. It was a spectacular day and the best part??

I am getting the chance to giveaway the same whale watching excursion to one lucky family here in B.C.! Just head over to my INSTAGRAM and follow the instructions for your chance to win a fun day out thanks to TransLink and Destination Vancouver!

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