Imagine Picasso

Not too long ago I got the chance to enjoy the amazing Imagine Van Gogh here in Vancouver, in fact I saw it TWICE it was that good. Well guess what?? They will be putting together another amazing immersive experience: Imagine Picasso.

When I heard the news that Imagine Picasso would be taking the place of Imagine Van Gogh I was thrilled I would get the opportunity to experience another favorite artist of mine in an incredible way. Nothing beats their up close and personal look of the works of their chosen artists. Paired beautifully with the perfect music for each of the pieces you really get an inside look of the ideas and feelings of the artist.

Imagine Picasso

Imagine Picasso will be arriving October 27th, just in time for my birthday, and best part?? You can already snag your tickets for this amazing experience HERE. Of course I would jump on your chance to get them sooner rather than later cause these things can fill up fast and you don’t want to miss it.

Imagine Picasso
Image by: Jean Sebastien Baciu

For homeschoolers, like our house, you will want to take a moment to see the wonderful educational aspects and worksheets they have for the younger kids. This is a great time to bring your kids along to experience and learn about one of the greatest artists of our time. With over 200 works paired with music and their incredible screens you will see Picasso’s works like never before.

Imagine Picasso will have a limited stay in Vancouver and is expected to sell out quickly. Tickets start at $39.99 and are now on sale! For tickets and more information, please visit They will have limited capacity so you will have lots of space to take gorgeous photos while at the event. Timed entries so everyone has a chance and no one is missing out on anything and of course masks and passports will be necessary.

No matter the reason I hope you take the time to book your tickets and enjoy this amazing show with both friends and family! Maybe I will even see you there.


  1. OKAY – we need to head here – we are just about to begin a Picasso series at home! AMAZING! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love these events that pop-up in Vancouver. Must check this out!

  3. Whoa. I imagine this would be quite the mind-tripping experience with weird angles and unique perspectives.

  4. Ooh! We love the Imagine Van Gogh experience! Can’t wait to check this one out too 🙂

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