Spring Break Fun

This year both our boys decided that they wanted to be homeschooled once again. I never thought I would be spending my days trying my best to educate two kids in two different grade levels, but here we are homeschooling our hearts out once again.

You can imagine how my plate is currently full, with things to do and lessons to teach. Thankfully we have two boys who love the way we learn, and how much one on one time they get with mom or dad when they need that extra help. Something both of them needed but weren’t receiving in a class of 30 others.


Turns out my boys do like school when they are getting the attention they need and are learning in a way that is more interesting to them. This whole homeschooling adventure has also given us a chance to challenge them. My youngest you see is often doing some of the highschool work we are doing with my oldest and my oldest is improving 1000 times over since we started this journey.

Do we always get things done on time? No. Do we have a hard time sticking to a schedule? Somedays DEFINITELY. But that is the beauty of homeschooling we get to dictate the: what, where, when and how with all our learning. So if we hit a day where everyone had a rough night or are in moods; we take it easy or spend the day outside.

Britannia Mine Museum

Do I have to deal with daily uneaten lunches anymore? NOPE. Do I have to get up too early and force sleepy grumpy kids out the door to walk to school? NOPE. Do I have to deal with PAC parents anymore? NOPE! Homeschooling has been freeing for our house and has rekindled a love for learning I didn’t think was ever going to happen with my boys.

It brings me so much joy to see them excelling and learning more about the things that truly interest them. Homeschooling has been our one blessing throughout COVID, cause if it didn’t happen I don’t think I would have ever considered this journey.

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