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Since summer is here, I’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor activities to enjoy in nice weather. Whether you live near the beach, a forest, national parks or any other scenic location that looks amazing right now, these are perfect for your family!

Family Beach Day: Head down to the local beach and spend the day on a picnic blanket soaking up some sun. We love to check out our local beaches collecting beach glass and interesting rocks we can take home to tumble.

Bike Ride: If you’re city dwellers then hop on your bike and ride through one of your boroughs! If you live in an area that has more space then find out which trails are nearby and explore them without having to drive for miles or cram in your car with everyone else just trying to enjoy nature.

Toss a Frisbee: If you’ve got a frisbee lying around then why not take that out to the park with you! You could even use it as an excuse to start a game of ultimate frisbee too.

Get Your Teens Enjoying Summer Outside

Relax in Nature: Whether it’s hiking, camping, fishing or just sitting on the ground, take some time to enjoy the atmosphere and relax! This is especially good for city-dwellers looking for something more than just their house’s backyard.

Nature-Based Camping: If you’re roughing it, then take some blankets and a portable music player out to the woods for a night of great tunes and no distractions! Sometimes just a simple night under the stars can be the perfect refresher. Of course if you are planning a long camping trip as a family make sure you are bringing lots of card and physical camping games to play for those moments of down time. Keeping them distracted and active is the best way to keep those smiles coming.

Get Your Teens Enjoying Summer Outside

Have a Campfire: Find a nice spot in the nearby forest, start up a fire with your friend’s help, roast marshmallows and make s’mores! Be sure not to leave any of your trash behind if you are camping and always make sure you add in some old radio shows. Of course replace with propane firepits during any local fire bans that may be in place in your area.

Go Shopping: A bit boring but just as fun! Grab your friends or family members for an outing around town and find out where all the cool shops have opened up lately. This is also another amazing way to beat the heat if you still don’t have AC at home and you need a little bit of cool off time. Nothing better than window shopping and people watching.

I know how hard it is to get teens to unplug and hang out with mom, dad and their siblings sometimes. I hope that these ideas will help you break the ice and get them out and about enjoying themselves and the outdoors.

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