My weekend at Fan Expo was an incredible experience, it has been a super hard weekend to recover from too.  The amazing crowds, the celebrity interviews I got a chance to do an just EVERYTHING it was epic.  There is so much to cover to that I can’t possibly do it in one post, I will have to split it up.  Today I am focusing on JUST the cosplay, cause it was epic and I will be needing a little extra time putting together my interviews which I may put into one post as each interview was only 3 minutes long.  It was perfect to me since I was so nervous.

On with the Cosplay!!!

Fear and loathing
Poison Ivy
The Hobbit family!
Rainbow Bright!!
Rouge and Gamebit
Ariel and Ursula (they had their costumes made by THIS LADY)

Penelope VonSweets

He-Man and Skeletor!!

Wreck it freaking Ralph!!

the prettiest Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Wonder Woman combo I have ever seen!!!!
The evil Queen from Once Upon a Time [Regina]

the name of this escapes me but this costume was EXACTLY like the character, even had the thong back!!! She was hardcore amazing
She Ra!!!
Rainbow Dash clearly Eldest’s fav part!!

Dr. Who!!!
Epic Harley (same girl as above different costume) and Batman!! (he was super into his character i loved it!)

In a crowd of people having so much fun it is really really hard to not have an incredible time yourself.  There were so many groups doing amazing themes I can’t tell you enough how inspiring it was.  I think life would be WAY more fun if we all got to do this a lot more often.  In fact I am inspired to do some Cosplay myself next year!!!  Lets face it the Cosplayers are like stars themselves!!

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