Beauty Products

Beauty products are getting ever-more inventive and special ingredients are becoming more common and increasingly unusual.

If you enjoy the occasional at-home pamper session or like to experiment with your skincare routine, you can now find a number of seemingly regular products which offer some rather more extraordinary additions to the mix.

Check out these seven beauty products which will provide you with an unexpected twist.

Bee venom

For products which offer anything but a sting in their tail, look out for those containing bee venom.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal addition to skincare lotions and has been used as a natural therapy for thousands of years.

Bee Hive


The benefits of CBD oil are still being explored but that has not stopped celebrities raving about what this special ingredient has done for them.

It can be found in a number of beauty essentials including bath bombs, creams, lip balms, face masks and moisturizers. Check out your local vape shop to see if they also deal in CBD-infused products.

Snail mucus

This is possibly one of the most stomach-churning ingredients on the list, however snail slime does contain both hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid – well known for their beauty benefits.

Also referred to as snail mucin, you can find this bizarre ingredient in moisturizers, serums, eye creams and cell renewing lotions, to name just a few.


Activated charcoal has a whole range of uses in the world of beauty, despite it being largely considered to be, at best and artists tool and at worst a waste product.

It can be found in toothpastes as a natural teeth whitener, in face masks to provide a deep clean, in cleansers to control excess oils, in shampoos to remove impurities and give hair volume a boost and even as a salve to sooth insect bites. Who knew it could be so versatile?

Three Brown Eggs in Bowl


Egg-based DIY skincare recipes can be found all over the internet, from hair masks to facial scrubs there will be advice on something you can mix up at home but that does come with certain perils such as exposing yourself to harmful bacteria which might be present in the egg.

However, there are some ready-made egg-based beauty products you can buy which offer the benefits without posing a health risk, including serums, balms and mousses.


While this is one people with a dairy intolerance will need to skip, yogurt can offer everyone else a number of skincare benefits such as increasing skin radiance, smoothing the complexion and targeting wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Look out for yogurt-based body moisturizers, face washes, cleansing milks and masks.


While most people have been enjoying their tea in a cup and may have even boosted their complexion with a tea detox, they might be missing out on the other beauty benefits different teas can offer.

For glowing skin, look out for sun lotions, eye creams, acne treatments and more. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even have a go at making your own tea-infused products such as a spot treatment, anti-aging cream or facial toner.

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