Even though we’ve come a long way since last year, the global pandemic still continues to create a new reality for all of us. Between working from home, managing kids, and other public restrictions, it’s no wonder that many of us aren’t feeling our best during this time. The social distancing and ongoing limitations have also caused many people to stop caring about their appearance, which consequently can further damage the state of one’s mental health.

Luckily, May marks National Women’s Health Month! A time to take charge over your mind and well-being and focus on creating a better you. There is no time like the present to get started on your wellness journey, so follow these three tips for taking care of you!

Consistently Care for Your Skin

Performing your skin care routine morning and night is imperative for looking good and feeling better. Still, many of us tend to overlook our regimens when we have no plans to leave the house or are simply feeling lazy. And while skipping over a step every now and again isn’t necessarily the end of the world, forgetting to perform your routine in its entirety can negatively impact your skin both now and in the future. In turn, this can lead to feelings of insecurity, poor self-image, and other mental health concerns.

In fact, researchers have found that acne has a profound influence on a person’s confidence and self-worth, despite the fact that it is a common skin concern dealt with by people of all ages. So if you’re struggling with poor mental health effects due to acne breakouts—or another condition for that matter—don’t worry; you are not alone. 

The good news is that dealing with these types of issues can be easily manageable, as long as you’re staying consistent with your routine and using the right skin care products. Those of you dealing with breakouts, for example, should consider opting for a trusted anti-acne treatment cream if you haven’t already and use it every day or as recommended by your doctor. This will help you speed up your timelines to visible results, keep blemishes at bay, and better adequately care for your skin and overall well-being.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty 

Don’t be mistaken, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to wear any makeup and letting your skin breathe. But, if you do normally enjoy applying makeup or wearing it on a regular basis, this one’s for you!

Although you may not have any plans to see anyone, enhancing your natural beauty with a couple of cosmetic products can do wonders for your productivity, motivation, and self-confidence. The very act of putting it on can work to trick your brain into thinking you have built some sort of routine and thereby serve to psychologically stimulate you! Experts have researched this theory for decades and have uncovered just how influential makeup can be on our mind and body.

Young stylish female in eyeglasses and turban sitting on bed in bedroom and adjusting makeup while looking in mirror

This recent study specifically unraveled what’s known as the ‘lipstick effect,’ by analyzing candidates who wore makeup while taking their exams. Their findings revealed that makeup can indirectly lead to academic achievement and cognition through self-esteem. These insights, along with various other research, supports the notion that looking your best, and feeling your best, can come from a little cosmetic application, so don’t overlook the power of beauty! Showcase your natural beauty with some affordable beauty products. Try out a new tinted moisturizer, blush and/or bronzer, and some lengthening mascara and watch as the magic unfolds!

Style Your Swag

Even if you have nowhere to go and no one to see, you don’t have to limit yourself to looking frumpy at home. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as looking casually, comfortably cute! Sure, it might take some extra effort, but what better way to find your swag than through your style? 

In an article from Calm Clinic, the author, Micah Abraham explains the connection between your clothes and mental state. He explains, “What you wear (and why you wear it) can have a big impact on the amount of anxiety you have. Because of the power of first impressions, as well as how quickly visual information is processed, the way you present yourself to the world via your appearance will affect your relationships with others as well as how you view with yourself.”

That being said, whether you’re working from home or just planning to hang around the house, try and make an effort to dress up. Looking and feeling stylish doesn’t have to involve high heels and/or a gown, either. Taking your outfit to the next level can be as simple as sporting a matching sweat set or accessorizing with a gold chain and/or a pair of hoop earrings. At the end of the day, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel beautiful, so find out how to style your swag and get ready to strut your stuff!

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