VIP Glitter Pets

Have a little one that loves to play with hair and loves animals?? Then I have something that they are going to love. VIP Glitter Pets are finally here and they are exactly what your hair creative little ones have been looking for.

These 12 little beauties are easy to collect and so much fun to get creative with! Each one comes with their own little collection of accessories, big baby bottle that doubles as a shower AND an adorable little chair with suction cup. The suction cup is a great help when it comes to keeping your new little VIP Glitter Pet in one place while you play with their super long hair.

VIP Glitter Pet

Each VIP pet comes with its hair wrapped in a towel so you can do a BIG reveal with water. Filling the bottle with warm water dissolves the pretty pets hair towel to reveal the amazing hair your little one now gets to play with. IF your little one doesn’t know much about doing hair; don’t you worry, they all come with a little booklet with fun instructions for multiple hairdos!

VIP Glitter Pet

They are a great little toy and with 12 to collect you are going to have all the hair in the world to play with. Each one goes for about $12.99 which is nice and affordable – BONUS they are big enough to be a super thrilling gift, no matter who you are buying them for.

Get collecting, your new pets are waiting!!

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