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These days we are all concerned with what is in the products we use and because of that the choices these days are incredible. So many amazing companies doing their best to provide what we all what and one of those amazing companies is Attitude. They pride themselves on creating amazing products with our health and the planets help in mind. Attitude toothpastes are definitely one of my newest favorites that they have created.

Attitudes new line of toothpastes with fluoride are great for the whole family. They have something for everyone: kids, sensitive teeth, whitening and a great variety of flavors your little ones will love! I mean I wish I had mango flavored toothpaste as a kid or even watermelon. Of course kids these days get all the good stuff but at least, in this case, it is going to be a bit easier to get them into that daily habit and enjoy it.

ATTITUDE Natural Toothpaste
Photo credit Attitude

But what about toothpastes for adults?!

You’re right I haven’t raved about them yet and I can tell you I was impressed. They sent me the whitening to try out and even with my sensitive teeth this toothpaste was lovely. It has a great taste, leaves an amazing mouth clean feel and the fouride in it lets me know my teeth will be cared for throughout the day after I brush.

Their sensitive paste will definitely be the next one I will be trying out to test its overall preventative action is. The summer months are coming and this mama wants to be able to enjoy her ice cream without worry.

Attitude toothpaste

Attitude’s toothpastes are all natural making them an amazing guilt free addition to your bathroom routines. The best part about them is they work amazingly. After only a couple uses of the whitening toothpaste I have noticed a big difference in my coffee-loving-self’s teeth colour. Their toothpastes also clean IMPECCABLY leaving your teeth feeling clean even after a goodnights sleep. I am very impressed vs. the other brand I was using on a the regular.

If you are looking for a way to green up your teeth cleaning routine you are definitely going to want to check out Attitude and their brilliant line.

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