Gift Giving

Gifts are a wonderful thing. We love giving the presents that our friends and family members will adore, and we appreciate getting gifts back in return. However, there are so many unwritten rules in the world of gifting, that it is possible to end up feeling a little confused. Knowing when a gift is a good idea isn’t as hard as you think.

Sending a gift is sometimes a wonderful way to share a sentiment with a loved one. However, if you send gifts at the wrong time, they can come across as strange, or even make people feel like they’re obliged to buy you something in return. 

While you’re never required to give a gift to anyone (even on their birthday), there are some times when gifting is more expected than others.

To Celebrate an Achievement

One of the most obvious reasons to buy anyone a gift, is that you want to celebrate something that they’ve accomplished. For instance, you might buy someone a gift when they passed their driving test to let them know you’re proud of the hard work they’ve done. Parents and loved ones often buy presents for students who graduate from their school or course. 

Sometimes, friends will buy presents for each other when they achieve promotions at work or get a pay rise from the boss. It’s up to you to determine what you consider to be a meaningful achievement in the life of someone you care about. If something happens that you believe is worth celebrating, a gift could definitely be on the cards. 

To Mark a Milestone

Here’s another common reason to consider giving someone a gift. If someone in your life reaches an important milestone, a gift demonstrates the importance of that moment. The most obvious example is a birthday present, but there are many other meaningful milestones to consider too, like someone being self employed for a certain number of years, or someone celebrating an anniversary at work.

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Wedding and relationship anniversaries are valuable milestones that deserve their own gifts and celebrations. You could even celebrate something that’s meaningful to you and the person you’re buying the present for, such as a five-year anniversary of the first time you met. 

To Cheer Someone Up

Gifting isn’t just a way to celebrate something, it can also be an act of compassion, and an excellent way to demonstrate how much you care. When someone is suffering, they don’t always expect to receive gifts in the post or in person. However, a present landing on your doorstep when you’re having a rough time at home, or you’re not very well, is an excellent way to feel less alone. 

Gifts are common as a way to make people feel better about difficult times in life. We give presents to wish someone a speedy recovery from an illness or accident. Sometimes, it’s even reasonable to send someone a present after they’ve gone through something terrible, like a loss in the family or a recent divorce. Remind the person in question that they’re not alone with the right present. 

To Show Gratitude

Another great use for a gift, is to show someone how much you appreciate them, and that you’re thankful for their help, or input. If you’ve recently achieved a promotion at work because the mentor that you’ve been learning from has given you some excellent tips, then sending them a gift can be a great way to demonstrate how grateful you are. 

You can send a thank you present to a child’s teacher after they’ve had a great year at school, to let them know how much your student appreciates the time and effort they put into helping them understand a certain topic. Anything that deserves a heart-felt thank you can benefit from a gift, whether you’re just thanking someone for helping you to sell your house, or you’re showing your appreciation for a friend’s help during a tough time. 

Just Because

Finally, sometimes it’s fine to buy a present just because you want to. If you have a moment of generosity when you’re thinking of someone that you care about, and you know an item they would really love, there’s nothing wrong with splashing out on a random gift from time to time. As long as you know you’re sticking to your budget, and your friend knows they don’t have to buy you anything in return, go ahead and buy that surprise. 

Making someone smile can be the best possible reason to give any kind of gift.

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