Science World

This year Spring break has more than a few challenges and one of those things is family friendly things to do in the city. Thankfully Science World has been an marvelous place to learn and play in safety this year and we couldn’t be more thankful.

As a new homeschooling family Science World has been a unbelievably invaluable place for us. It gives us the opportunity to reinforce what we are learning and their ever evolving exhibits always keep things fresh: like their Arctic Voices exhibit.

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For each and every age group there is something fun to explore and learn. I know this having been going to Science World since I was a babe myself and I still find brand new things to learn and love every visit.

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One of the coolest little additions I have seen is to their bee area that has a QR code to scan that will open up a brilliant app. This app teaches you all about life in a bee hive through audio and dash of augmented reality!

Another bonus to visiting during Spring break is that their outside space and chickens are ready for visiting. Something our family loves to browse every year is the chicken coop and the garden space being big gardeners ourselves.

If you are planning to make a trip into Science World this Spring Break make sure to book your tickets in ADVANCE ONLINE. I hate waiting to get in for our ticket times and seeing unprepared people and their kids turned away because there aren’t available tickets till many hours later in the day. Plan ahead and book that time slot!

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