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The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the global food industry. From restaurants being forced to close their doors and switch to delivery or takeout only, to the huge rise in the popularity of home baking, the effects have been widespread around the world. Another change these lockdowns have created is a surge in online food experiences being offered, with all sorts of events and activities that we once thought had to be held in person turning virtual. One of the positives of this situation is that it greatly widens the number of foodie events you can attend, as you are no longer restricted to what you can physically travel to! So, if you haven’t yet given online food experiences a try, here are four types you should definitely consider.

Tasting events

Perhaps the most quintessential food activity to enjoy, tasting events are a fantastic way to try a wide variety of a type of food or drink that you love, plus learn more about them at the same time. It’s no different with online tastings. The company you choose will post you the selections that you’ll be tasting in advance, then you log on to a Zoom call at the arranged time to have an expert talk you through what you’re eating or drinking. Whether you’d prefer a wine tasting, cheese tasting, or chocolate tasting event, there’s an event to suit everyone!

Food festivals

These days, even large-scale events such as food festivals are making the switch to online. You can log on to festivals taking place anywhere in the world, and enjoy a program of fascinating talks, cooking demonstrations and tutorials, virtual markets for buying products (this part may be location dependent), panel discussions, and even entertainment such as live music or comedy. Tickets are often available for free, so why not give one a try?

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Cooking classes

If you would like a more hands-on experience, an online cooking class could be perfect. There are a huge range available, aimed at different experience levels, budgets, and types of food. Some will be part of a package where they send you the ingredients in advance, whereas others will send you a list of ingredients to purchase yourself (these are often cheaper). Have a browse online and see what takes your interest; whether it’s learning to make your own cheese, discovering how to decorate cakes, or perfecting your sourdough skills!

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Cultural experiences

For a more unique option, an experience that combines both food and culture is hard to beat. Possibilities include learning how to make traditional hand-made pasta from a grandmother in Italy, taking a tour of a food market on the other side of the world, or attending an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. Not only can you discover more about the food and drink in question, you can also immerse yourself in the history and culture behind it. This means it’s also a great option for satiating your wanderlust as well!

Just think of all the amazing things you could do from the comfort of your own home!??! You best believe I will be taking advantage of some cultural experiences with hubby and the kids over the next few months!

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