The night before my birthday party was a super fun outside my comfort zone kind of night and it was all thanks to Modern Mama North Burnaby (a dear friend of mine) and this awesome moms Hip Hop class she put on.  She is always putting together these really funRead More →

As a mother we are constantly strangled by the idea (or more like someone else’s idea) of perfection.  We are all striving to achieve this lifestyle where we do it all, with beautiful clothing while juggling fire.  Do you agree that it is getting out of hand??  I do. “IfRead More →

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to take photos, I constantly have something that can take a picture on me at all times.  So naturally when a girlfriend from my kids school asked me to take a few of her and her family I was more than happyRead More →

You’re hair is a mess, you don’t remember whether or not you have showered, you find out if you brushed your teeth by touching your toothbrush to see if it is wet… you’re not feeling like much of a supermom are you?? Well you should. No, no don’t leave thinkingRead More →