When it comes to consumerism, especially American consumerism, we want to instantly receive the things that we buy or see that we want. This applies to everything from the cars we drive to the new curtains we are getting for our home remodel.  This is called instant gratification, and itRead More →

Gift Giving

Gifts are a wonderful thing. We love giving the presents that our friends and family members will adore, and we appreciate getting gifts back in return. However, there are so many unwritten rules in the world of gifting, that it is possible to end up feeling a little confused. KnowingRead More →

kids safer

Today, our cars and roads are safer than a few decades ago. Unfortunately, despite this progress, the number of car accidents nationwide is still high. In fact, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people between three and 34 years. Although advancement in technology has helped bring theseRead More →

People often focus on how their homes look and feel but do you pay attention to how it smells? The right aroma can stir your senses and evoke a welcoming, peaceful and fresh environment. Whether you’re a fan of subtle scents or overpowering odours, there are numerous ways to keepRead More →