Yves: Options to Encourage a Meat Free Lifestyle

YVes Meat Free Lifestyle

I have been thinking about a lot of things this past few weeks and to encourage a meat free lifestyle with my family is one of them. With my husband being a massive carnivore it will be a hard thing to do but I think introducing a few meals a week that are completely meat free are really going to be a great place to start.

Not to mention better on our grocery bill too!

So naturally I set out to find some yummy items that everyone either already enjoys that is the vegan version or something that sounded too good to pass up trying. That is when I saw Yves products and quickly start asking questions about what other vegan parents thought of their products taste to get the 411. Thankfully lots of the ladies had a tonne of great things to say:

Yves Meat Free LifestyleWith a house of picky eaters who happened to like greek food I knew that a simple transition that was adjacent to what they already enjoyed. I snagged some Falafels and crossed my fingers. The instructions were spot on and they turned out amazing, this mommy was knew she was going to have some happy boys on her hands.

Guess what?!

I was right!

Paired with a simple homemade tzatziki for dipping and our first taste test was a complete success. I mean it was hard to not love these gorgeous little balls of goodness.

YVes Meat Free LifestyleThe instructions were simple to follow and ensured they turned out perfect. They were crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy soft on the inside. They were all delicious. Adding them into a pita would create a classically delicious dish that is an easy meal to incorporate into your families menu plan, especially if you have Greek food fans in your house like I do.

But what are the best parts of Yves Falafels?

They will make mom super happy since they are Gluten-free, 100% vegan, high source of fibre, amazing source of iron, low in saturated fat AND non-GMO. A great way to make mom happy and everyone’s tummies happy to top it off.

Since these beauties went off without a hitch I decided to also put some of their Quinoa and Kale bites into the oven and test my luck on my families taste buds. I was confident after their amazing response to the falafels from Yves.

Yves Meat Free LifestyleQuinoa and Kale were enjoyed in this house and TOGETHER! These little beauties almost reminded me of a potato pakora almost, they were really fantastic with a great mild spice to them my boys really enjoyed. They ate the whole packet, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I can’t believe their father let them polish it off.

These will be great additions to our families weekly meals and we still have some faux ground beef from Yves that we have to try for Taco Tuesday one week!

Do you eat meat free once a week?




  1. WOW those other moms sure do seem to like it too, i’ll have to try these for the grown up appies at my sons bday! We have two vegans coming so this would be a nice thing to do! Of course i would pair with tahini to keep it completely vegan !

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