When A Young Mom Is No Longer Young

Now that I am 30 years old, I just had my birthday this past week, I am starting to realize that my “young mom” identity is changing. I am no longer that 20 something mom with kids a little older than they should be. I am just a 30 year old mom with a 10 and 7 year old. This is so strange to me, at what point is a young mom no longer considered a young mom?

The identity of “young” that I have been holding onto is slipping away, which means I am having a bit of an identity crisis. Outside “young mom” who am I?

Young Mom
Photo by Aziz Photography ft Raj from Pink Chai Media

Hell do I even need to be someone in particular? What do I call whatever it is I am or want to be? What do I want to do and when? How will I do this if anything? Do I have time to do what I want? Do I care if I have time or money and want to do it anyway? How can I be happiest in life? Do I even want milk in my coffee this morning?

You know what?

I don’t have an answer to a single one of those questions. I have no idea what I want, I am not even terribly sure who I am. Or I do and I just haven’t figured it out in a way where I am confident in what it is I may or may not be.

So how does a young mom move forward when they are no longer young?

I guess I am going to find out and enjoy the ride, all while counting my grey hairs…



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