While my brain cells are commiting suicide…

As most stay at home mothers can agree; staying at home with toddlers, infants etc can be a VERY trying situation.  As much as we love them we do have those moments when you feel like pulling a “Homer-Simpson” and go screaming around the house and pulling out your hair; in the small hope that MAYBE, just MAYBE we’ll tone out the nagging, the whining, the mess, the screaming… *shudders*.  Today, for me, was EXTRA trying.  My youngest spent ALL day whining; making this low CONSTANT-skin-crawling noise.  By dinner time i couldn’t take it I ate dinner and if there wasn’t non-stop supply of food entering his mouth.  Try eating dinner when you have blood boiling noise “eeeeeaaaeeee” in one ear; your hubby complaining the next about him… i snapped… “STOP WHINING!!” I scream as my temple is throbbing ready to burst accross the dinner table and to my dismay my short tempered hubby yells at me “WHAT THE F*CK.”

I nearly killed him; as if he has a right to complain to me about snapping on the kids; at least I don’t swear in their faces; and it took me a SOLID 12 hours to finally loose it.  Forgive me i’m not perfect and neither are ANY of you.  We all snap especially with an obnoxious toddler who’s been driving me nuts with this stupid new kitchen he got for his birthday.  Which he loves but its a piece of junk, he keeps carrying it around the house, baby keeps picking up and playing with pieces he shouldn’t ALL while hubby is playing his fing computer games all DAY!  This is why i’m going nuts, this is why I am just a couple steps outside the loony bin.  

NOT only that do I have those things happening during my day but Treehouse is haunting my life.  I find myself, and my dying brain cells, starting to enjoy it WAY WAY too much.  I find myself sitting there enjoying half the shows and NOW when i am supposed to be acting like an adult i find myself referring to them in conversations: “you know lady bugs hibernate, i learnt that on guess with Jess.”  No idea how that came up BUT it did I have witnesses!  I am going nuts, I can’t have a conversation with someone without talking about my kids… not that thats bad they’re super cute and funny but still.  That’s not good, hard to connect to others when that’s all i do, not like i can find ppl with kids MY age in MY neighborhood.  Oh well… 

On another note I have sucked one of my gfs into blogging.  She is young, funny, sweet, no kids!  OOoooOO no kids.  She is into interior design and shes trying to make her way in this world just the same as anyone else.  She only started it today, but i feel once she gets the hang of it she’ll really be into it and just be consumed.  Having you lovely people here to comment and keep my chin up has really helped me find and KEEP myself again.  I would really love it if you could send her the same kind of love and advice you have all so lovingly given to me!  She was also one of those lovely ladies that took me out on the town when others wouldn’t just cause my hubby couldn’t go, she helped me make those pumpkins for the party PLUS decorate whilst tipsy after my bday celebration… as well as put up with my hubbies drunk drama that i came home to but thats not important at those point in time.  

GF 1, GF 2, myself and then my new blogger buddy that i converted there on the far right.  

so please check out her blog Designlife



  1. O.M.G. What the F*ck is in the air lately!? I’ve just suffered a meltdown myself and if my blog wasn’t meant to be my daughter’s baby book, it would be filled with cuss words already. I feel for you momma, hang in there! Don’t you just wish we can all meet up and have a drink or two!? Ugh!

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