Warranted Warmer Weather Work

As summer approaches, there are some jobs which are just more worthwhile doing in the warmer weather than waiting for when it starts to get cold again. The combination of the sun, heat, general feel-good vibes and motivation that you get when all of these come together are a top mixture to getting stuff done.

On The Outside

Think about the things that may go wrong when it starts to get a little more chilly. This usually means things that can be affected by the frost, such as freezing pipes and tiles on the roof that are prone to cracking. Obviously you can’t prevent the unexpected happening, but you can take some precautions with them, such as checking them over for any cracks or any exposed places that may be more susceptible to a change in the weather. Fixing these problems later on in the year will mean that they have the chance to get worse before they can get better, which isn’t what you need.

On The Inside

While the warmer weather is upon us, it’s a good time to start getting to work with the inside jobs that are better being done now. Touch up any paintwork, including of sills, frames and skirting boards, and whilst you’re doing this check for any damp patches around them. We’re less inclined to get on our hands and knees and be proactive in looking for this when it gets colder, and plus it’s something that you want to get sorted before the drafts pick up. Another good reason to do this is to check for any pests that may be making their way inside. During the summer months, ants, termites and cockroaches are all on the lookout to get food to take back to their nests and where else is better to find it than in your home? Ensure that you are thoroughly wiping down any and every surface that has had food on it and that you are checking (and blocking) any points of entry that they may have.


In The Garden

This is more to do towards the end of the season, but making sure that you are ready and raring to go with treatment of any garden furniture – which includes stripping, painting and washing down – will only benefit you more so now than waiting until the weather is more unpredictable. Most people wait until later on in the year to give their garden a once-over, or wait until the summer is over, which can be done – it’ll just take longer for the paint to dry in cooler weather!

Everywhere Else

Frankly, you want to be enjoying the warmer weather rather than getting every single job done. As long as the basics are covered, anything else can wait or be done later on in the year. If you have properly checked everything over and ensured that it is safe, protected and in full working order then pour yourself a cool glass of something nice, sit back and relax. You’ve earned it!

What else do you do to get your home ready for the warmer weather??


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