Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player!

Vtech Rock & Bop Music Player

Tech toys are one of those hard items to buy for your kids sometimes. With the world living in a constant double standard when it comes to tech and our kids – it can be a hard thing to think about. On one hand you don’t want to encourage the tech addiction all of us feed but on the other you know they need to learn and be familiar with all this tech. It is hard which is why I loved the non threatening look of the Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player.

Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player


This great little toy looks like a phone, has headphones and has a bunch of great stuff. It is something that both parents and kids can enjoy – you a little peace and them a bunch of fun! The Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player has endless options of fun for your little ones to enjoy on the go or at home. I have to especially admit that I truly love how well it works while were are travelling via transit or by car. It is the perfect option for restaurant entertainment as well with the headphones helping to keep things quiet for those sitting around you.

What else does the Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player have to offer??

Well I am happy you asked; it comes with a bunch of super cool stuff that any little one would love to play with! 10 awesome song games that help teach your little one about numbers, letters etc…, it has three different styles of music to play: hip-hop, classical and rock! BONUS it has an instrumental remix mode where you can change things up and create your own sounds! Plus over 100 songs, melodies and phrases PLUS a great dance around boogie mode the whole family can play! It is a bunch of fun and my nephew just adores it in the car!

Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player

So if you are in need of a toy to keep your busy kids happy while on the go this should be at the top of your list!

Tell me what do you to keep the kids busy and quiet while you are out and about??


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