Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum

Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum

I remember when my boys were little, their sweet wonder about everything that there is around them. Their pure bliss towards the simplest things in life. This is why I loved to watch them play with anything musical. They always screamed with delight at every note and would be enthralled for hours with anything that played music. Their love would always fall best on things that would help them create their own music. So when one of my nephews was hitting the same age I knew I had to get something for him. I found the Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum was just perfect for this little monkey man.

The Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum has a ton of fun features that go beyond the super adorable drum playing money and you can get it in both the English and French version if you want to encourage a bilingual home early on! The best part is this little toy makes it super easy to learn incorporating its musical learning. It is a great way to entertain and secretly educate your little ones without them even knowing it. They learn best through play and I happen to agree completely with that.

vtech baby beats monkey drum

What else does the Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum have to offer??

It has a bunch to offer and teaches your little ones a little bit of everything from motor skills, to teaching them about cause and effect! All while introducing them to rhythms, animals and their sounds, colors and languages. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a gift to get those brain connections firing and having fun while learning.

Vtech Baby Beats Monkey Drum

Being able to get your little ones excited about learning from the very beginning is really key. Showing them that learning can be a bunch of fun when it comes to learning through play and with music.

What kind of musical toys did you like for your little ones??


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