6 Ways To Make Your Garden More Kid Friendly!

A lot of families stay in their property and don’t head outside to their garden. But you should be going outside with the kids so they can get some fresh air. Here are some amazing ways to make your backyard more kid-friendly.

Keep the gate locked and fence secure

You need to make sure that the gate is locked when you go outside with your kids. Otherwise, you may pop inside and come back outside to find they have wandered into the road. And you don’t know who will be able to come in your garden if the gate is unlocked. Therefore, you should keep the gate locked while you and the kids are out there. Another way you can make your garden more child-friendly is to ensure the fence is secure. You don’t want the kids to be playing near it and end up hurting themselves. You also don’t want them wandering into next door’s garden if the fence isn’t secure!

Build them a playhouse

To make your garden more child-friendly, you should consider making them a playhouse so they can sit and play in there. You may want to build one yourself, or you could get somebody in to create one for you. You can keep their outdoor toys in there so they can sit in there and play with them, rather than putting them outside in the garden. They will be able to play in there with their friends as well when they come home with them from school.

Get outdoor seating

Another unmissable way to make your garden more child-friendly is to ensure you have plenty of outdoor seating for them to sit on. You need to get a good sized table and chairs and put it in the shade. That way, they won’t be out in the sun all the time with the potential of getting burnt. You can also get some benches and outdoor bean bags if you fancy some unique garden furniture.

kid friendly

Use artificial turf

To make your garden more child-friendly, you should consider using artificial turf rather than real grass. It means that your kids can play outside even when it’s muddy and not come in and get it in the lounge. Artificial grass still looks beautiful, and as it’s fake, it means you won’t have to go out there and mow it all the time.

Add a bird feeder

Another way you can make your backyard more kid-friendly is by encouraging wildlife to come and visit. Add a bird feeder to the garden so that they will come and visit your garden. It will enable your kids to learn more about wildlife. And as this article says, you could even consider adding plants which attract butterflies that your kid will find interesting.

Make a vegetable area

You should also consider making a vegetable area if you want to make your garden more kid-friendly. They will love learning how to make vegetables and watching them grow. Here are some top vegetables kids will love to plant and look after. They will finally eat the vegetables you put out at the dinner table.

How do you incorporate kid friendly spaces in your garden??



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