Twigg & Hottie

Twigg&Hottie is this amazing little shop here in Vancouver that I have just fallen in love with!  Honestly they have such an awesome unique style that is completely down to earth.  Just perfect for the every day, clothing we can move in comfortably while still looking high style!

I recently got a GREAT piece from them that for sure has to be one of my new favorites.  Left it completely up to them to choose the color and gosh were they right!  The bright blue/teal color is really lovely with my coloring, of course these great designers know exactly what they’re talking about.  Not to mention they are completely armed with the talent to ensure they make you look your best in their best!

I know you are dying to know what I got so I will show you, I am going to take you on a little run down here on what I wore with my awesome Twigg&Hottie item!

shirt: Twigg&Hottie  shoes: Ebay  jeans: Old Navy  bracelets: gift from 4 Angels Beauty Care Inc.

There you have it folks my lovely little fashionista moment.  Looking a little plump but none to shabby if you ask me… I can’t at all trust hubby to take a decent photo of me so my apologies on the mirror picture but you needed to see a full body one way of another.

Shirt is super soft, super comfortable and the color is great for me.  This is a very happy customer to say the least!

Disclosure: I was given a shirt in return for this post.  No that didn’t sway how I felt about the pretty shirt. 


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