Toruk – First Flight Was Amazing!

Photo Credit: Jesse Faatz

As a family this amazing blog gives me some amazing opportunities and this last one where we got to enjoy the Toruk Cirque du Soleil was one of the top ten for sure. This show was something else and the amazing folks at Cirque gave us some of the best seats we have had at a show in a long time. Being up close and almost inside the show really does add to the experience.

But guess what??

With this awesome show you can get in on all the action with their awesome Toruk app you can get to help you be apart of the show and everyone else’s amazing experience. Anyone and everyone can be involved in the show which really makes it twice as fun.

The stunts throughout the show were spectacular, the pure talent of every cast is always amazing. The amount of people it takes to create an incredible show like this is always jaw dropping. They are truly blessed to work with such a talented group of performers, set hands, costume and make up designers let alone all the teachers, cooks etc.. that travel along with all the performers and their families. After all Cirque is a travelling city, which means lots of great show from a group of people who have come from all walks of life to create an amazing family.

With so many shows here in Vancouver and all over you will have a great chance to catch a show before it is too late. No matter where your seats are you are going to see a great show so really enjoy it! This is a wonderful way to spend time with visiting family over the holiday break too! What a jaw dropping chance to have some fun together at something totally magical.

Check out their list of shows here to make sure you don’t miss out this year on something incredible!

When was the last time you treated your family to a great night out??

My boys will remember this show forever they were on the edge of their seats the entire time and couldn’t get enough. Being able to hold our phones and use the app along with the show made it that much more special to them. We can’t wait till our next Cirque experience!



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