Tips for Teaching Teens to Deal With Life’s Stressors

These days, 21st century teenagers seem to be dealing with far more pressures than their parents ever did. School, work, dating and sports may be important to your kid’s happiness, but trying to juggle everything at once can be more than stressful. As a parent, you want to help your kid relax and have a good life. Here are a few savvy tips for teaching your teen to manage stress and anxiety.

Some teen stress is entirely normal

Let your teen know that despite what they hear and read, it’s normal to feel some level of stress. Remind them that when they feel anxious the night before a big exam, it means they care about good grades. Offer your teenager a few good stress management techniques, and they can turn their nerves into good performance, say stress experts at The Globe magazine. Instead of telling your child how to eliminate stress, help them see what’s causing the stress and how to deal with that. Persons who view stress as a positive impetus toward excellence are more creative thinkers and tend to recover from failure quicker than folks who grind their teeth and worry about their stress levels.

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Exercise, sleep and art are effective stress reducers

One of the best ways for kids to relax is to burn off energy via exercise combined with a good night’s sleep. While many teens may brag about getting by on little sleep, the truth is teenagers require at least eight hours of quality sleep in a 24-hour period. Nine hours is even better, according to Tutor Doctor magazine. Set an example for your teen when you make certain you get plentiful sleep time, too.

Nobody can argue that time spent making art is wasted. In fact, creative time can reduce stress in anyone, including overburdened teens. If your kid’s school offers art classes, encourage your teenager to enroll. Let them download a free Android art app on Google Play and watch the inspiration begin. Mandalas are soothing geometric patterns that are comforting and calming to color in. An art app that features mandalas may be especially relaxing for teens who are involved in myriad after-school activities.

Write it out

A private journal offers an effective method of stress reduction. The act of writing is shown to relax the mind while expressing feelings that are best not bottled up inside. Journaling, blogging and letter-writing can be great therapy for teenagers who feel nervous, anxious or misunderstood. Writing in a journal may help your teen put things into perspective and come up with creative solutions to things that may be troubling them. Even ten minutes of writing a day can provide relaxation benefits that pay off big time.

The teenage years are exciting and full of changes. Although your kid is not your little baby-buggy-bumper-boo anymore, they still look to you for advice and worthy examples. Show your child positive ways to deal with life’s stressors, and your whole family may be happier and more relaxed.

Remember nobody is perfect, you are going to make mistakes just be an adult apologize and move forward to work together.

What were your teen years like??


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