Thursday Thoughts On Parenting – Why Wont They Stop?

It is happening, my boys are getting to the age where their baby laughs are leaving me and their chubby legs have sprouted.  I can’t even believe that my boys are so grown, I just can’t believe it.  In that thought, I can’t believe I am saying this, I can’t believe that means no more babies will be in my house or my arms.  As exciting as it is to never have to change a diaper again, never have to potty train anyone again (though they will make a mess of my toilet for years regardless of my best efforts), and never hear my boys baby laugh again.  It is still pulling a string in my heart.


I am totally and utterly unwilling to have another child in anyway shape or form.  I am just sad at how fast it has all passed.

I am also amazed at just how much time has really gone by, we’re still standing and growing strong.  How amazing is that?  But look at these little faces!  This is only 2011…

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This is something that all of us moms have to go through, it is such a bittersweet thing to have to deal with and I think there will always be that “what if” feeling no matter what route any of us choose.  So here are a few of my simple tips all of us can use to help remember our little ones along the way.

1) Professional family photo shoot – You really need to do this at least once with your family.  Nothing really beats a super special photo shoot.  Photographers can capture those moments of love and that showcase your kids true personalities.  They will be something you can display and treasure.

2) Remember you are good enough – You need to stop dwelling on what you didn’t do, what you should have done, what you could have done and think about all your blessings.  Think about all the good things and all those special moments you never anticipated.  All the surprises they gave you over their lives so far, and the joy.

3) Move forward – Lastly you need to take a deep breath and let it go.  Again love what has happened but don’t let thinking about the past get in the way of the present.  Don’t miss your little baby so much that you miss enjoying them at five etc…  Do your best to go with the flow and enjoy your little ones each day.  Yes that could even mean getting up out of your chair right now, I am willing to accept you leaving if it means you getting more quality time with your little ones.

After all… they grow up way too fast.

IMG_8894They do get more and more handsome though don’t they?



  1. Those are some great tips! Your little dudes are so cute too! I have 5 boys and I must say that I had a feeling of uncertainty after having my first 4—like my family wasn’t complete. Once I had my 5th son I knew I was done. Do I miss having babies in the house? Sure I do! I love babies, but then I see my nephews and nieces and I snuggle them, love them and GIVE THEM BACK! haha! Seriously though, we all miss the baby days and kids grow up way too fast, but enjoying them in the moment is a great tip! I’m loving every minute I have with my boys! :)

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