Thursday Thoughts On Parenting – Movie Nights

All of you know how busy I am, mainly cause I keep coming back here to whine about it, but trust me no one is doing more whining than my kiddos.  I feel awful about it too.  I think they are having the hardest time adjusting to these HUGE changes all at once.  But these things will get easier but in order to help us with this I have started making sure to do weekly movie nights with the kids.

The time together to just sit, turn off our devices and sit together – albeit in front of another screen, but this seems better.   We also have to go through the arduous task of:

  1. Finding something BOTH the boys haven’t seen.
  2. Finding something BOTH want to watch.

You, as a parent, know just how hard this can really be, but thanks to the


I can basically scroll forever until we finally find something and we ALWAYS end up finding something.  Best part is they have rolled out a few super old school shows that I got the boys to watch and fall in love with, I mean they’re awesome cause I grew up with them!

The Secret of Nimh and Honey I Shrunk the Kids are totally my favorite movies, although the Secret can get a little dark and scary at times (for me, my boys are totally immune) we loved every minute.  I mean both my boys watch things that are probably a little above their years but so did I and as long as everyone is happy and together I am happy.

To top it off to Netflix has been working really hard for us and with other bloggers to create some really great stuff for all of us.  In fact on our Roku they literally have kid recipe channels, homework help and a ton of other stuff like angry birds that I can’t wait to share with you at another time.

Thursday_Thoughts_banner_001Anyways taking the time to create really special, and anticipated, movie nights with the boys has really brought us closer and really kept us happier since daddy has been off each month working up a storm.  I do my best to go all out by making a special treat for the evening, some gourmet popcorn the kids love, and a special drink for them to have either some Shirley temples of a yummy smoothie.  Clearly I am really enjoying the whole completely spoiling them while daddy is out of town, bottom line we have been having a great time and Netflix is making it super fun and SUPER CHEAP!

Something that puts a huge smile on this Irish girls face to say the least!

Do you have movie nights with your family??  What are your favorite movies to watch??


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  1. Every Friday night is Movie and Pizza night here….. and Netflix is usually what we use. I love it because the girls can watch something appropriate to their age on the TV using the Wii. And the boys can use my laptop to watch something they like.
    It’s a bit frustrating when you have different aged children, and a spread of boy to girls, to find something everyone likes. Netflix definitely makes it easier.
    That one The Croods is a big favourite right now.

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